Wooden City Magic Clock Kit

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Wooden City Magic clock  kit welcome to the wooden  city cogworks mechanical world ,the gear of engineering wizardry just utter enchantment!

Start it up and listen to the passage of time! A steady magic clock timed timer with rhythm, marking  fleeting seconds and minuits with a Tick-tock

The Magic Clock is not just a 3D puzzle, fairytails and science in one For the pendulum, you need only invest a coin. The correct pendulum swing frequenc

y for the accurate passage of time depends on its weight. What a mathematical game! One movement of the clock lasts half an hour.

The Magic Clock 3D Puzzle by WOODEN.CITY consists of two clock faces – one for minutes and one for seconds– the clock mechanism and a pendulum.

They are refined, whimsical and at the same time harmonious – they will be the unique highlight of your home. Mechanical clocks with fine-designed woodcarving make unique gifts for your loved ones and putting them together makes an exotic hobby for you.

Material – environmentally friendly birch plywood

Started with a key

Rotation by rubber band engine

Operating time from start – 1 minute

Assembly – without glue

Assembly time – 6 hours

Recommended age 14

Warning: Small Parts Not for Children under 3 years old